Updated: 2009-02-02


Allow seamless roaming between wireless networks while maintaining Quality of Service

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Easy Wireless 2 project is a CELTIC project that leverages the results from the Easy Wireless project. The earlier Easy Wireless project provided a great deal of knowledge, solutions and tools for enhancing quality of service (QoS) and service continuity in different situations, but an integrated easy-to-use solution, suitable for a real heterogeneous/converging networks enviorenment remains to be undone.

The Easy Wireless 2 project aims at improving user experience and access dependability in the context of heterogeneous mobile and wireless systems by means of analyzing improving service continuity refining the dimensioning and deployment rules with the help of scenario analysis. To serve this objective several areas of research will be investigated including seamless roaming, QoS and continuity aspects, and mesh networks. Also in the scope of the project is providing input to the standardization projects such as 3GPP, ETSI, IDDD, etc by verifying the feasibility of the standards, proposed mechanims and protocols.

See the EW2 web page at CELTIC for additional info.

Project period: 09/2008 - 08/2011